Martin Luther Kin gJr. Memorial Baptist CHurch - Renton, WA

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Baptist Church



At MLK internal church communications are typically within and on behalf of the local church, who makes its messaging known to its own people, like:
Church staff,
Church leaders,
Small groups
● And church members.
Internal people embrace and advance the mission and the message.

But church communications is also understood by way of external communications, when the church makes known the right message, beyond itself. This could be by way of evangelism or outreach, to the de-churched, unchurched, and so on, using:

Social media
Text messages,
Live streaming
The church's website, and many other options.

The mission of MLK (Matt 28:19; 1 Chronicles 16:24; Matthew 9:35-36). So, having people inside the church reaching people outside of it is also an 'ends' of the communications plan. People reaching people.

This is significant because we can think of communications plans simply as a 'means.' But they aren't. Here's a link explaining the idea of fulfilling the mission of God through the multiplication of people via church plants. Good communications help make a 'means' also an 'end'.