• Mission Statement
    Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Baptist Church
    Dance Ministry is to promote creative expression through the art of liturgical and expressive dance, and to provide an alternative language for the worship of our Lord Jesus Christ.  As an awesome dance ministry we are designed not as individuals but as a whole, to worship and  praise God through dance, led by the Holy Spirit using personal expression and interpretation.


    • ∑  To build a Dance Ministry inclusive of all ages and gender.

    • ∑  To praise and worship our Lord Jesus Christ through all forms of dance.

    • ∑  To take the ministry of dance to the saved and unsaved.


    • ∑  Focus on Godís vision by bringing others to Christ

    • ∑  Encourage spiritual and anointed dancers

    • ∑  Spread the Gospel through dance

    • ∑  Deliver inspirational healing

    Dance Teams

    Amazing Grace
    Believe Mime

    Contact Information: For more information about our Dance Ministry or bookings, please call the church at 425-255-1446 .